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Yeah. ilovehim
& I say it more than I need to.
But, fuck. He's a dick.
He hates Brand New. A LOT.

& as much as I love him. The Nizzle are always going to come first.

Jesse Lacey has saucy shoulders

Sep. 13th, 2007

I think it is insanely ironic how you can feel so good at one moment; and then completely shit the next moment. You could feel so alive; so on top of the world, and then you hear one thing, it could be small, it could be huge; but either way, you hear it… and your world falls. Or, at least it feels like it’s falling.

You do one thing in your life; and it makes you feel amazing. Then another thing, and it feels like shit. Is this just human emotion? Does everyone go through this? If I didn’t hear this news, or been told these things; would I still feel emotion? If we didn’t have emotion, would we be alive?

“These mindless games; underneath watch less eyes...” could we save ourselves? Were playing mind games, underneath eyes that aren’t exactly watching. What does this mean? Does it mean were playing mind games ourselves; and we don’t know it? Are we unaware of what we are doing to ourselves? Does anyone know what we are doing, better than ourselves?

“Remember what they told you; you’ll never question why” People are telling us things; and we don’t notice? Or are we so oblivious to things that we don’t even respond?

“Hold still; breathe in; this won’t hurt a bit” If were breathing; are we hurting? Of course we are. Our emotions are allowing us to hurt. A simple use of language could change everything; and make someone feel okay. That what people don’t reliese, one simple I Love You could mean the world to someone.

“And there is no point screaming. Don’t be afraid, I can take this pain away.” Can others really take away our own pain? Is there a point screaming? What if that is how people express their own emotions?

“I can’t take it; this is who I am” People need to start accepting people for who they are. There might be imperfections that you don’t like. YOU have imperfections. They are what make you, you.

“While I’m holding your hands; I look in your eyes. Life is in my hands.”

Thanks to A Silent Fiction and The Scissor File for my inspiration to write this piece.


Local Gig.
A Silent Fiction;
The Scissor File;

= Best Gig Everrrrrrr

Yeah, yesterday was probably the best time i've ever had in Coffs Harbour.
(and alcohol wasn't even involved; but then you remember; you don't need some influencal beverage to have fun)
It was amazing.
Local Gigs are the shizz.
Expecially when you get in for free, and have coffee before-hand.
And, you can never forget being with the people that mean most to you;
and then, meeting new people that have the same values as you.
Your all there; for the same reason, and when a shitload of people with the same purpose are all in a room together; an explosion occurs.
Its bigger than anything you've seen before;
It's bigger than anything you've ever heard before;
It's bigger than anything you've ever felt before;

and it feels amazing
you feel euphoric
and it's better than any blowjob you've had before.


i love romeo.

Gentlemen don't ask questions.

So, my fellow readers..

and this time, it is much much much better because i am joined by the oh so lovley Tia. (yea, we sneaked her in here) and im accompanied by the stunning adam lazzara's voice.

oh im so hardcore im looking at romeo and juliet pictures. and there incredible. they really are./ and because im such a com puter WHIZZ i found a whole shit load. expecially of lenoard whiting. fuck, he's gorgeous

hey, can you blame me? i like me in tights! Ive even found an interview he did while he was filiming romeo and julioet way back in 1968. and he has 2 sisters. Linda and Anne .. yeah. im so fucking good at life.

yea. he is so hardcore, her.. on the other hand...

and, yeah. today has been the best day. ang st was on the bus <3
and theres this girl at school, who thinks she's oh so great, but i see right threw her. SHE HAS THE MOST HORRIBLEST FRINGE EVERRRRRR.
he hair is so so so so so bad. its discusting. and its really funny, cause now everyones like, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

and i am now in a taking back sunday phase. (ah, just like the old days.) and im totally loving it, mainly because i now LOVE where you want to be, where i didnt before. ITS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. and i think, that they better fucking come back to Australia before i skin someones balls. i NEED to see adam lazzara live.. again does that make sense? too bad if it doesnt. like, actually be close, with a chance of meeting him (them) CAN YOU IMAGINE A HUG FROM MR. LAZZARA??? at the end. because, no matter what, i find ways.

so, ill speak to you all probably in another 5minutes when i get bored again.
yea. amaree's HXC like that.

see ya later.
your one and only,
sceno slut,

Jul. 26th, 2007


Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place is my new home. i have spare rooms if anyone wishes to help me pay the rent.

nothing to update.


fuck my bum

welcome, to bangkok.